Wall of Light

To describe it I would have to say that I was aware of 2 forces (light?) pushing against each other to create one. However, the strangest thing about it was that I felt that I was "just another brick in the wall" - you know Pink Floyd.

Although I cannot explain exactly what I saw, even to myself, it appeared that the two light forces (+ & - ?) were building a wall of light, which is reality, and which uses all material objects as reflectors, and that material life as we know it is just an illusion for this. This could indicate that all movement is predestined. I was aware of light as a living thing. I also felt a strong sense of fear which prompted me to take drastic action - challenging the maker of reality (whilst still under the influence) by breaking formation from the wall (kicking out and smashing my friendís bong in the process).

The experience has certainly changed me, but I am pleased that it has been for the better, and has called for an even greater reformation of my life.