We had a wee pipe and there was enough in the vial for about 3 hearty blasts each. We were pretty skeptical at first. Then all of a sudden as I was handing the pipe back to my buddy I was gripped by a sensation like none before. I felt like I was balancing on a tiny point swaying back and forth and I daren't not move in case I fell. I felt as though I was blind and couldn't see.  In fact I could see what was in front of my eyes but it was very different. Two dimensional images, like grand watercolours painted by an artist of great merit. The floor seemed closer to my eyes than my leg, and felt like part of my body. Every movement I made had to be made in relation to everything around me because of the 'flatness' of everything. I could hear myself talking and it was loud in my head, although I was only whispering in reality. It was like being underwater at the swimming baths and them raising your head above the surface with sound rushing back. Everything I saw was like a very slow slideshow and it took an age for things to update.


That's an approximation of my first experience of Saliva. From then on it was more of a spiritual experience as opposed to some of the more violent sensations of the first time. They were more like little stories and adventures of thinking deeply and then satisfaction through understanding my own philosophies. Knowing that something different is happening. And you know it's happening because of the hefty pipes you took. But still thinking it's from something else.