Do you sell dried leaf?

No, not on it's own in any quantities. I very occasionally have enough dried leaf to give some away in the form of small free samples, however, since the web-site has become more established, due to increasing interest (e.g. articles in national newspapers>) and growing demand, I can only guarantee 'free' dried leaf samples with live plant orders.  Check the latest details page in the 'Contact' section for information on availability.   

I do not intend to sell dried leaf, I would rather continue to focus on live plants. 

As much as anything else, propagating plants for sale is slightly at odds with the production of large quantities of dried leaf. - Because, as my mother plants grow, I'm tending to take new shoots to make new plants rather than leaving them to produce more foliage.  I get enough leaf to guarantee availability of samples with the plant orders, but that's about it.

I give other free samples when I can.  It allows people the chance to try something new and in the past that's resulted in more interest in the live plants than I might have otherwise expected.  

The idea with the sample is to show that there is something behind Salvia.  There will be some people who get bowled over first time.  Others (like myself) may only get a suggestion of the experience on the first few attempts, but be intrigued enough to want to investigate it further.  Most people find they can get further into Salvia-space after a little practice.  Ideally I'd like to be in a position to provide bigger samples to allow for this, but in practice the amount of leaf is limited.

As a result specialising in the supply of live plants, of choosing to include dried leaf samples with live plant orders, and give away free samples when I have more to spare, plus the demand that there is for this, I won't have enough stocks of dried leaf to be able to sell it in any quantity in the foreseeable future.

If you are keen to get hold of some larger amounts of dried leaf then there are some links to other suppliers from my page at ~/salvia/links/othersuppliers.htm>.

The prices are quite variable and they don't all do the dried leaf.  So you will need to check the details.  I haven't had dealings with these all these sites/companies in term of buying leaf myself, but they will all probably be okay. UK companies that I have had dealings with include Deva>> - competitively priced and are probably as good as any.

You might think that the prices generally sound a bit expensive for an ounce or half ounce, but with the dried leaf being so light this will be a fair amount of leaf.  My free samples are probably no more than a gram or two, - if that  (1oz = 28g).

Remember, a live plant will (eventually) produce enough leaf to sustain you. Within a few weeks from receiving a young plant you would be able to crop the odd leaf for the occasional smoke. After that it would not be long before you could even take cuttings to propagate new plants (...and after that, the sky's the limit). But you may be keen to get more leaf sooner, in which case obtaining, say, half an ounce of dried leaf elsewhere would not be a bad idea. 

Bear in mind with regard to the live plants, if you were interested in getting one, that they are quite easy to keep as houseplants. - Check out the plant-care section> on my web-site.  But I appreciate that not everyone will find it convenient to care for a live plant, - another reason why I provide the links to other suppliers.