salvia divinorum nursery plants

All plants in the photograph below are in 10cm pots.  The leftmost plant would perhaps require cropping a little if it were to be sent through the post, it's included more as an example for personal callers.  The other three plants are more typical  examples of 'postal' plants. The ones shown here are about 30cm high.

typical 'postal' salvia divinorum plants

Below (on the left) are some more young plants, with, on the right, a specimen recently re-potted (about two weeks prior to photograph).  In the middle there is a fine example of a plant a couple of months after re-potting showing the sort of growth you can get in 'ideal' conditions (it's about 60cm high). 

salvia divinorum - a mixture of sizes

Note that 'ideal' conditions does not mean anything fancy.  This (middle) plant has simply grown while placed by a windowsill in late spring, i.e. without using a humidity tent and without using artificial lights.

The young plant examples are perhaps a little on the Spartan side and the ones I send you could well have more leaf. But note that this doesn't really matter, since, (1) the plants grow fast, (2) it's the new grown leaf that will be better adapted to your conditions if they are different to mine.  So, the initial size of the leaves is not of key importance.  This is particularly true for sending overseas, where the plant many spend a few days inside its package and I tend to concentrate on sending something with a good healthy stem and promising shoots rather than a more leafy specimen.  Remember, the plant over on the right is only two or three weeks on from re-potting.

I will try* to include a free sample of dried leaf with plant orders, - to tide you over until yours start growing.

* i.e. if free samples are currently available and you have not already had one

Some further pictures are included below.  These are a selection of some of the pictures I have received from my plant recipients at various stages after getting their plants (scroll to first picture).

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salvia plants received - a short while after opening



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salvia plant received - immediately out of the box          another salvia plant received - immediately out of the box

Immediately out of the box postal plants may be slightly wilting.
They usually pick up within a matter of hours to look more like the plants in the previous picture.
I guarantee that your plants will arrive healthy and viable. 






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re-potted salvia divinorum plants



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re-potted salvia divinorum plants from above



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salvia divinorum grown with poultry manure


Thought you might like to see a pic of the plant I got from you in March. I said it was doing well.  This pic was taken early June. It's got even bigger since then and I'm gonna have to repot it again this weekend!! I've already taken 2 cuttings off it. It certainly likes that compost!

Previous email: You sent me a plant back in March.  I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with it. It was well packed and healthy when it arrived and has never looked back :- Having pinched the top out to make it bush, I repotted it into a mixture of well rotted organic poultry manure, vermiculite and sharp sand and it really took off. The poultry manure was home produced by our chickens.  It's Aboise hemp based, its much better than a straw base as it rots down 3 times faster and ends up looking like the expensive stuff from garden centres. Obviously this was a mixture it really liked. I took a cutting which has sprouted and is also doing well. The base of the original plant has now sprouted several fresh shoots, after I took the cutting. 


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