Introduction ~ what is Salvia divinorum?

Plant Care ~ notes on growing and caring for Salvia divinorum

Ingestion ~ notes on methods of ingestion

Effects ~ introductory notes on the effects

Images ~ a picture gallery

Legal Status ~ detail about Salvia divinorum's legal status

Frequently Asked Questions ~ mostly cross-references to answers already in sections above

Ethnopharmacology ~ an academic paper of interest

Salvia divinorum MP3 Audio ~ presentation by Rob Montgomery, with Jonathon Ott and Terence McKenna

Salvia divinorum Video> ~ cross-reference to section in 'Media Stories' under 'Menu 2'

Wikipedia's Salvia divinorum Entry>> ~ from the excellent open encyclopaedia (occasionally vandalised but usually quickly fixed)

Dale Pendell's Salvia divinorum Chapter from Pharmako/poeia>> ~ highly recommended, as is the whole book

More Salvia Links ~ links to more Salvia related articles and external web-sites, including other suppliers