Salvia divinorum needs your support

As you're probably aware, Salvia's legal status is under general and widespread threat. While some consider that it is just a question of time before it's banned everywhere in the world and are quite simply resigned to this, I think it is worth otherwise considering what might be done and I'd like to encourage some thought, preparedness and perhaps action on the subject .

Fortunately, here in the UK all seems quiet at the moment. While this remains the case there's no need to rock the boat in your particular locale - no need to contact your member of parliament or elected representative just yet. However, it may be worth keeping your ear to the ground for what's happening elsewhere. One of the things that politicians will do to justify prohibition is assume that because it's banned somewhere else then there must be good reason for following suit - i.e. the domino effect (or herd mentality).

Set up a Google alert

I recommend setting up a Google Alert on the subject of Salvia divinorum - doing this will automatically advise you by email of any related breaking news stories around the world.

Feedback to media stories

I encourage you to look out for media stories that support reader feedback comments, and post your points of view wherever you can. It doesn't need to be a lengthy tome written from scratch each time. You can keep a file of general pithy points and just copy from them as you see fit. One of my favourite lines of argument is to highlight the hypocrisy of ignorant views against Salvia with comparatively complacent tolerance of alcohol.

Posting such comments takes a bit of effort. It sometimes involves creating a login account with the news agency running the story. This could mean eventually maintaining a lot of accounts - but again, you could keep a file.

Making your voice heard in this way can make a difference. For example, look at the responses to KSL news channel's editorial comment for Salvia prohibition in Utah - a good few got in there with points taking apart KSL's line. I think it has the effect of completely undermining their totally biased and ill-conceived position - making it look quite stupid actually. It's always worth submitting such posts whenever you can.

Contact lawmakers and politicians

When you see stories relating to lawmakers and politicians proposals, consider making your views know to them, even if the law applies to a different state or country than your own.

If the report doesn't give it directly you can easily Google search for politicians names linked in news stories about Salvia prohibition. This will soon get you to their official / home pages where you can find out relevant email and correspondence addresses.

When communicating formally in this way always try your best to be an exemplary ambassador for Salvia. Try to be civil and courteous, even if your dealing with somebody patently unreasonable, try your best to be cool, calm and collected, keep your points factual, and try not to rant (-also, remember to proofread + check spelling!).

But in any case, please, consider doing something to make your voice heard.