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(Salvia divinorum Supplies) ~ recommended site for dried leaf and Salvia extract, competitive prices, plus lots of other interesting products.

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salvia 5x, salvia 10x, salvia dried leaf, magic mushroom grow kits, cannabis seeds, grow lamps

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Salvia online sell salvia divinorum extract and salvia divinorum leaf.

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Salvia 5x, 10x & 20x, Salvia dried leaf

Organic Salvia divinorum supplier


Maya Ethnobotanicals ~ Maya supply 5x and 10x extracts, as well as a variety of dried leaf types in retail and wholesale quantities.

Botanic-Art ~ Organically grown.  Also available, Salvia incense produced from Oaxacan foliage

Amazing Nature ~ the first Dutch Smart Shop (since 1994!), specialized in the psychoactive powers of Nature.

Kenali's Salvia divinorum


Divinorum Org - Norwegian based informational site - not actually a supplier





Planta Divina - Brazilian site with plants originating from my stock.  Let them know I recommended you.

South Africa

email [email protected] for information about Salvia extracts, also Nymphaea caerulea (Sacred Blue Lily)


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