SageGoddess link
SageGoddess: Ethnobotanical Superstore with same day shipping and unparalleled quality for exotic entheogens such as Salvia divinorum, Kratom, Amanita muscaria, and an extensive catalog of meditation supplies, books, and music.

Mazatec Garden link
Mazatec Garden: is dedicated to providing high quality shamanistic herbs and herbal extracts at reasonable prices. They specialize in Salvia divinorum, Dream Herb, Kanna, Wild dagga, and Blue Lotus. 

SageGoddess link
SageGoddess: Top quality Salvia divinourm products at wholesale prices.

Salvia Light link
Excellent Salvia divinorum Leaves, Extracts and Live Plants - Recommended US Supplier

TheBestSalvia link


http://www.sagewisdom.org/salviashop.html (non reciprocating link ) - Salvia divinorum and related products from Daniel Siebert



For live plants/cuttings (and extract) contact [email protected]

Also, try Richters Herb Company (http://www.richters.com)


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Edinburgh based supplier specialising in live Salvia divinorum plants to UK and Europe. Also advice on plant care, thoughts about this amazing sage, other plant allies, shamanism and altered state consciousness in general.

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Site URL: http://www.salvia-divinorum-scotland.co.uk

e-mail address: [email protected]

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