Salvia Divinorum Scotland ~ Plant Care ~ Artificial Lighting

Feedback from a plant recipient

Hi. You asked for comments on Salvia Lighting & Growth - I have been growing mine under artificial light over the dormant winter months - with excellent results. I purchased a 70w HPS light (24.99 from ) and 72w of fluorescent lighting. I have kept tabs on development and have some photos for you.

In each case the HPS lit plants were far bushier than the fluorescent lit ones, as well as the daylight ones. The difference is remarkable.

My study was not 100% scientific - I did not have the same soil mix in all the pots, but I shall have proper data in about 3 months. I have also had a selection in a Nutriculture hydroponics Grotank ( 39, ) with encouraging results, however, my cat tore them to ribbons. I am restarting these in a safe place.

Have a look at the photos and get back to me with any questions you might have.

Smallpots.jpg - Both plants have the same soil. Left HPS , right Fluoro 
SmallpotsA.jpg - same plants from above 

Bigpots.jpg/BigpotsA.jpg - other plants, soil mix is different for HPS, but they exhibit the same enhanced bushy qualities

And thank you, for introducing me to this remarkable plant.


Salvia divinorum in small pots

Salvia divinorum in small pots from above

Salvia divinorum in big pots (different soil mixes)

Salvia divinorum in big pots from above (different soil mixes)