What do I need to start with?

I have often been asked by people either interested in getting or just having received plants, "Well, what do I need to start with?"

I've put a lot of advice regarding the care of Salvia divinorum on this web-site.  I hope people will find it useful, but at the same time one shouldn't be intimidated in knowing where to start by what can seem like too much information.

As I suggest elsewhere, with all the advice you can read (including my own information to some extent), it's quite easy to get psyched out initially and/or go over the top with your plants in trying to provide them with the most perfect and ideal of conditions. It's natural to want to take the best care of them but remember that a lot of advice is coming from 'enthusiasts'.

I'll emphasise again my agreement with the person who said that they'd heard and read so much about the care and maintenance of the plants before actually seeing one that they expected to witness something really fragile and exotic kept alive with all manner of alien contraptions and artifice. 

Over all these plants are quite hardy, adaptive and easy to grow indoors.

To start with you don't need too much equipment; you don't need artificial lights, hydroponics or anything fancy. 

Initially, on receipt of a plant, you don't need anything!  Maybe a spray-misting gun (99p - PoundStretcher!) and a saucer. You won't want to re-pot straight away. It is best to let a newly received plant 'settle in' for a few weeks.

After that at some point you'll need a bigger pot, maybe a bigger saucer, a stick (or two, for support), some humus compost and some vermiculite.

Vermiculite to mix with the compost is probably the most 'technical' thing you'll need, i.e. you'll probably need to go to a garden centre to get it. You could try without, but I swear by it. There's more detail elsewhere on the web-site.