What strain are your Salvia divinorum plants?

There are (apparently) different ‘strains’ or clones of Salvia divinorum. The ‘Hofmann & Wasson’ clone refers to plants relating to the first specimens collected by R. Gordon Wasson in 1962. The so-called ‘Blosser/Palatable’ clone is a second type collected by Bret Blosser in 1991.

Word is that the H/W strain may be more potent, but the palatable strain less bitter for chewing. You hear tell of other strains / clones too.

My plants were obtained originally (but not directly) from ‘Gnostic Garden’. I have never been advised as to exactly what strain they are. I strongly suspect that they are the H/W strain though, - as this seems to be the more commonly available of the strains, plus the ‘palatable’ strain was only discovered relatively recently.

Having said that, the other thing I have read and noticed is how adaptable the plants are. This includes having the ability to ‘morph’, which, for example, is very noticeable when the plant grows in differing levels of humidity.

A plant grown in high humidity will look different to a plant grown at lower levels of humidity, the leaves will be a different shape. You can witness for yourself how a plant 'morphs' if it is made to change from one environment to another. I’ve seen this happen to mine as I slowly weaned them off the high humidity that they were initially used to.

As well as the general appearance, I think other things like potency would vary as much with the growing conditions of the plants as anything else.