For further reading, particularly re science and paradigm shifts I recommend the book: ‘DNA and the Origins of Knowledge’ - by Jeremy Narby.

*  I did a quick search on the Internet specifying: ‘quantum physics psychology’. A number of interesting results came up, just surfing through, I found (as a for example) reference to a book ‘Quantum Mind: The Edge Between Physics & Psychology’.

I’ve got no idea whether this book would be any good (it doesn’t appear to mention psychedelics) but titles like these do add weight to the proposition that the phenomena of consciousness and quantum mechanics are related at some profound level. I’ll finish with some editorial reviews (from the Amazon (US) web-site), only to add in closing that I suggest that the best tools to enable such explorations are of course the power-plants.

Quantum Mind : The Edge Between Physics & Psychology - by Arnold Mindell

"Mindell sprinkles psychological exercises throughout the text providing the reader with imagined experiences of entering a black hole, appearing in parallel universes, taking a mind boggling quantum leap… It is at once a physics text [and a] psychology text…" - Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D

Carl Jung predicted long ago that someday quantum physics and psychology will come together. This integration is the most fascinating aspect of the paradigm shift in science right now; however, until now only physicists have written about integrating psychology and physics, but psychologists have been quiet about it, perhaps because physics still scares most psychologists. Finally, Arny Mindell, a famous psychologist, has come forward and what a treat his book QUANTUM MIND is. It is about many things you have wondered around this integration, and is so much more. And Mindell makes it all exciting especially when he explores the subject of dreams which is his speciality. If you are curious about science's most important paradigm shift, you will want to read this book and you will deepen your understanding. - Amit Goswami, Author of "The Self-Aware Universe: How Consciousness Creates the Material World" and "Quantum Creativity."