Feedback Re: A scientific proof that Salvia reveals higher aspects of reality

On the subject of lower dimensional objects being reconciled in higher dimensional space:  This is a better way of describing something I have experienced too.

I've experienced something like, say, the element 'carbon' saying "ok - I'll be carbon then - if nobody else fancies doing it...?"

This is a rough metaphor to describe a sensation I had as the Salvia effect began to wear off.  I use the word 'carbon' just to represent some kind of elemental structure - not necessarily carbon - but something of that ilk.

It was as if, in the movement from higher dimensional space back down to the lower, something which was unified in the higher, split off, or condensed out, to form something unique, discreet, and particular, such as carbon.

There was also another sensation that the 'carbon-ness', or the particular and unique qualities of that undefined elemental unit - were kind of arbitrary - in that, the higher dimensional object could just as easily have adopted different characteristics and become, say, hydrogen.  In fact - that's exactly what other aspects of it did.  Thus carbon and hydrogen were somehow reconciled in higher dimensional space.

The 'arbitrary' qualities of that uniqueness also seemed like a form of illumination.  As if there are undefined non-existent potential particles, which under some strange illumination, lit-up into existence as carbon particles... 

 ...Imagine a darkened room with dust particles floating in the air - imagine too that the dust particles do not exist since they are in a state of darkness.  Then we shine a green torch into the room, and green particles suddenly exist, or we shine a red torch into the room, and red particles suddenly exist....

It was as if matter was illuminated into existence. 

But as to who the great torch holder was - I'm not sure...!


Another interesting consequence of the illumination of matter into existence/torch in a room analogy is the way in which those elemental structures were seen to move.

As a torch beam moves around in a dusty room - we are familiar with the stationary aspect of the room, and the stationary aspect of the particles themselves (let's say there's no air currents flowing round the room) - so it is the light beam that is seen to move.

Without those reference points, we could be forgiven for thinking that the particles themselves  were moving through space as the light beam moved.

The elemental structure was illuminated into existence, out of non existence, at point 'A', but to get to point 'B' - it would not move there... 

Instead - the beam of illumination moved to point 'B', the particle at point 'A' would slip back into non-existence - and a 'new' particle at 'B' would be illuminated into existence.

Thus - the elemental structure would be seen to move through space and time - but in fact - what its doing is slipping into non-existence, and at the same time, another non-existent potential particle is illuminated into existence at another location.

And maybe this means that objects don't actually move, but are illuminated into existence into slightly different locations in rapid succession...