Experience-wise Salvia is continually putting me into spaces that I have described somehow, in someway or other, on my webbie before.  I think that each time I do it the experience is of realising oneself in the moment, that may be the essence of why it has a timeless quality, why it feels like time is standing still.

I think this relates to what you are saying about things (you say objects) not really moving.  And about phenomena of 'condensing' out of a higher dimension. 

One 'elemental structure' that is condensing out of this space, one of particular interest for obvious reasons, is my self.  Being at the centre of this experience I experience a swoosh as I temporarily forget who I am (i.e. my day-to-day self), only to experience myself coalescing as I remember again.  But the coalescing is not like coming down from a high.  It's not a disappointment or something that I particularly fight against or try to resist.  Actually it feels quite appropriate, and exhilarating, because (to coin a phrase) it feels like I have come from nowhere

In an instant I have 'condensed' out of nothing and been born into the moment.  "Ah, here I am then.  What am I?  An example of modern man, at the leading edge, on the frontier, with Salvia.  Having been asleep, now woken up, into the moment.  What do I stand for?  What do I represent?  Is this fun?  How do I feel?  Intend ecstasy why not?  Do I know what I'm doing?  Who is the felt presence now represented by this person or that person who's chasing me across the cosmos?  Criticising this moment.  They don't know what they're talking about.  If only I could show them.  Make the case watertight.  Immaculate.  Life and Death.  Use language.  Future Language to Blextplain it all.  And what is time?  There appear to be time-cycles, seasons, days. Why are there different times of the day? Why did I invent days when there is only the moment?  Quite like the idea of there being different days though.  Why do keep I falling asleep...

Etc, etc.  Before I typically go to bed and fall asleep.

Another aspect about this condensation is the awareness of parallel universes.  Well, let's start with a single universe, or a single event.  Let's do both.  Say, the singularity that's considered as the big-bang, and waking up in the morning. -Whatever, things happen in a way that we usually consider to be 'cause and effect'.  Event B follows on from event A, as a consequence of event A. 

Without Heisenberg we end up with a universe or a self at point C, and history, which looks like this...


Outside of time, we can see these events as being chained together, connected, linked.  From a higher dimension, if I take your phrase and replace the word 'locations' with 'moments in time', we see things happen.  We see events "illuminated into existence into slightly different moments in time in rapid succession".

With Heisenberg, and from a higher dimension still we get...

  / \
 /   \
A1    -C3
 \   /
  \ /

- A network of possible worlds. 

The feeling I get from Salvia, since it has revealed these worlds in the first place.  Is that it must be possible to somehow navigate reality.  That the reality that one 'drops into', as one coalesces into the moment, can be a reality of ones choosing, something that one intends.  I think this is how consciousness is involved in the creation of reality, and to me it what is sorcery is essentially about.