Advice on plant care for this Magic Mint also known as Diviners Sage and Ska Pastora.  Thoughts and experiences regarding Salvia divinorum, other plant allies, magic mushrooms (shrooms), shamanism, and of matters relating to plant consciousness, altered state consciousness, the psychedelic state, entheogens, hallucinogens in general.

No longer trading, but Salvia divinorum plants previously sent to European countries such France, Spain, Italy, Holland, Germany, Greece, Finland and Sweden.  Also some near non EU countries such as Switzerland, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Czech Republic, Croatia, Serbia and Turkey.

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Mexican mint, magic mint, diviner's sage, seer's sage, ska Maria Pastora, ska Pastora, hojas de Maria Pastora (leaves of Mary the Shepherdess), hojas de la Pastora, hierba (yerba) de Maria, hierba de la virgen (herb of the virgin), hoja de adivinacion (leaf of divination / prophecy), la hembra, sadi, 
or simply... Salvia