About this web-site ~ some notes on the design


Note that this web-site migrated to current address www.salvia-divinorum-scotland.co.uk. from former address www.mypc.myhome.org.uk [...]  If you notice the URL address switching that's why.  However, there shouldn't be any broken links.  Please let me know if you find any. 


I class different types of hyperlink as primary, cross-reference, or, external [...]

Hyperlink Colours and Navigation

For easier navigation cross-reference links (generally) and external links (always) will open a new window.  Lighter links will become darker after you have visited them, so you can easily see what remains unvisited.  If you visit all the lighter links then you won't have missed any area of the site [...]

Other Colours

Text is mainly dark green but can vary in different areas, backgrounds usually a have a faint picture such as silver-green leaves, mushrooms or cogs (as on this page) but can be plainer such as a paper effect background. [...]


This web-site uses frames. However, it should be fully compatible with browsers that do not support frames.  Let me know if you are having any particular problems [...]

What's New

Obviously if you see a new lighter link it will lead to a new page (strictly, 'new' meaning not recently visited).  Having said that, some of the content on existing pages may change.  In most cases probably not significantly.  If it is an existing article then it's most likely that I have simply corrected some spelling or re-worded something.  However, the only way to be sure is to refresh your pages.

To help quickly find more significant changes to the site, rather than navigating around looking for fresh links, go straight to the Latest Updates page.  You should refresh the page when you get there.


If you add any of the pages on this web-site to your Favorites, you should find that they have an associated distinct icon.  Your computer may store this icon in a temporary folder; it could disappear after a while,  If you want to know how to keep it, or how to find it if it wasn't automatically associated, read on [...]

Abbreviation and Page Organisation

This web-site's main address is www.salvia-divinorum-scotland.co.uk.  If I don't put a full URL, then the main address is implied, e.g. the full URL www.salvia-divinorum-scotland.co.uk/salvia/intro.htm may be abbreviated  ~/Salvia/Intro. 
[...] - note that these square bracketed continuation dots are hyperlinks to ...more information.

Front / Cover Page and Home / Main Menu Page

The home page is where the site's main areas are accessed (i.e. the main menu).
The front page is the cover page that you see if you enter www.salvia-divinorum-scotland.co.uk  as URL  [...]

Errors and Omissions

I'd be grateful for any advice as to errors.  Broken links, text colours not agreeing with what I've said above or any advice that you might have.