About this web-site ~ some notes on the design

Abbreviation and Page Organisation

This web-site's main address is www.salvia-divinorum-scotland.co.uk (formerly www.mypc.myhome.org.uk)  In these notes, and elsewhere on the site, if I don't put a full URL, e.g. when referring to a specific page, then the main address is implied (principally by an opening forward slash or an opening squiggle followed by forward slash). Also implied is the file extension .htm  

The site is mainly organised around subjects seen from the home page, articles within subject.  So Salvia related pages appear under /salvia/  For example, the introductory Salvia article has a URL that I might write as /salvia/intro or, with a squiggle, as ~/salvia/intro or even using capital initials (InitCaps) as /Salvia/Intro if I feel like it, even though the full URL would be all lower case as  www.salvia-divinorum-scotland.co.uk/salvia/intro.htm 

Note that a squiggle on its own without a forward slash ~ is simply an attractive separator.

Finding the site via a Search Engine