About this web-site ~ some notes on the design

Hyperlink Navigation, New Windows and Colours 

Ordinary (primary) links update the current window.  Some internal cross-reference links may also update the current window (- for example 'quick navigation' options on the footer bar). 

However, in most cases where I have main page links which ‘branch off’, for example, to another website, or to a different subject in my site, I’ve figured that it could be difficult to find your way back from these cross-references, so my preference is to open cross-referred content in a new window. 

I’ve enhanced the way that cross-reference links operate after some complaints about the site being difficult to navigate. 

To make it clearer I’ve added some script controls to open new windows not fully sized.  The fact that the original window has not been replaced is more apparent this way  [more on the script controls...]

My cross-referral links are often indicated with superscripted chevrons> to give a clue to their behaviour before the link is clicked.  I’ve also typically included hints, which appear while the mouse is hovering over the link.  Here is an example script controlled cross-reference link to the payment details section>


More on the Site's Structure and Hyperlink Types

Web-pages are organised by subject. After a cross-reference link you've switched subject.  My <Back link would then take you back within new hierarchy. If the current window was replaced this could be confusing and difficult to navigate.  However, since most cross-reference links open their own new window you can simply close this and go back to the original page if you want to pick up where you left off.  

Note that external links may be indicated with >>, superscripted double chevrons suggestive of going to another site.

^ Is often used to indicate a pop-up link. 

Hyperlink Colours

Hyperlinks are a different colour to the normal text. For most of the site the link colour will be a lighter blue until the link has been visited, then it will be dark-blue. However, the hyperlink colours may vary along with the colour of the normal text in different areas of the site. For example, in the ‘Shrooms’ section I have gone for normal text colour of brown, so the hyperlinks colours have been changed to a warmer set of colours to match.

In any case, a lighter coloured link will take you to an unvisited web-page.

[more on hyperlink colours and navigation...]


In summary, cross-reference links can open a new window and lighter links will become darker after you have visited them, so you can easily see what remains unvisited.  If you visit all the lighter links then you won't have missed any area of the site.