About this web-site ~ some notes on the design


If you bookmark / add to your Favorites my main page or any other page from my web-site, you should get a distinct wee icon associated with it.  On most of the site's pages this is a Venus Fly-Trap, though there is also a cactus on the Castaneda pages (under /Shamanism section) and a mushroom under the /Shrooms section.

Icons with Microsoft Internet Explorer

If you haven't got the icon, say it's disappeared after being there a while, note that icons can be a bit idiosyncratic, especially with Microsoft Internet Explorer.  If you already have the page / web-site marked as a favorite, simply deleting and re-adding to your Favorites again may simply have no effect.

If you are having problems getting the icons, or you want to make sure that they don't disappear as a result of being automatically deleted from temporary folders at a later date, then there may be a number of clever things you can do to get round it.  I have had different results with different methods.  But the following advice is pretty sure to get you them if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer as your browser.

Basically, I suggest picking up the icons from your Temporary Internet Files folder after having addressed them using the full URL.  Actually, simply referring to any page that uses these icons should be enough to get them into the Temporary Internet Files folder, but anyway, the full addresses for my icons include:

http://www.salvia-divinorum-scotland.co.uk/sdsicon.ico - The Venus Fly-Trap icon

http://www.salvia-divinorum-scotland.co.uk/shrooms/shroom.ico - The mushroom icon

http://www.salvia-divinorum-scotland.co.uk/shamanism/cactus.ico - The cactus icon

You can now find the icons in the Temporary Internet Files folder.  To ensure their long-term survival, and before you change icon properties on your Favorites, you will want to copy somewhere on your hard drive. 

After doing the above, simply add the pages you want to your Favorites and change the Properties (e.g. via right-click mouse when over the selected favourite from the Favorites drop down menu).  On the 'Web Document' tab, click the Change Icon... button, then Browse... to find required icon.