About this web-site ~ some notes on the design

Search Engines ~ 'fastest' at the top of the list

I don't expect URLs to be committed to memory of course, and, though I would hope that you would want to bookmark / add this site to your favourites, it's also worth pointing out that I have submitted the web-site to several search engines.

It has been registered with the following:

AltaVista (UK + US)
Yahoo UK
Lycos (and therefore Lycos network engines e.g. HotBot)
GO (+ related engine Infoseek) 
Northern Light

A search argument such as "Salvia divinorum Scotland", should return my site at the top (or near the top) of list of results with these engines.

The web-sites above are listed in (roughly) the order that they managed to update their engines with my site details, that is, with the companies that did it the fastest at the top.  Having said that, my favourite search engine is...