Opening new windows

Links ordinarily update the current window, but my cross-reference links, for example, to another website, or to a different subject area in my site, will tend to open new windows.  I've done this because I thought it could otherwise be difficult to find your way back from cross-references.  To make it clearer I’ve built in some script controls to open new windows not fully sized.  The fact that the original window has not been replaced is more apparent this way - you'll be able to see the original page behind the smaller new one.

It should be possible to second-guess the behaviour. If I haven't written something as obvious as "the following links will open new windows", or the link is otherwise not clearly to another website, then I might suggest a cross-reference with superscripted chevrons> to give a clue before the link is clicked.  I’ve also typically included hints, which appear while the mouse is hovering over the link.  Here is an example script controlled cross-reference link to the payment details section>

However, please note, particularly if you're using IE (Microsoft's Internet Explorer), and particularly after the installation of SP2 (Microsoft's Service Pack 2), you may have issues with security settings.

If your Pop-up Blocker Filter Level Settings are High, I recommend you set them to Medium.  The links should otherwise work, but most likely replacing the existing window content rather than opening a new one.

Your browser also needs to be JavaScript (v1.1) enabled for my new window controls to work fully.