ecommended Reading

Pharmako/Poeia ~ Plant Powers, Poisons and Herbcraft ~ by Dale Pendell

Journey to Ixtlan> ~ Carlos Castaneda>

Tales of Power> ~ Carlos Castaneda

Food of the Gods ~ Terence McKenna>

The Archaic Revival ~ Terence McKenna

True Hallucinations ~ Terence McKenna

Breaking Open the Head ~ Daniel Pinchbeck

The Cosmic Serpent ~ DNA and the Origins of Knowledge ~ by Jeremy Narby

Plants of the Gods ~ Richard Evans Schultes and Albert Hofmann

The Scientist ~ John C. Lilly

LSD Psychotherapy ~ Stanislav Grof

The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Substances ~ Richard Rudgley




  Some 'Altered State' Films:


Possible Worlds

Jacob's Ladder

Photographing Fairies

Altered States

The Truman Show

The Matrix


The Emerald Forest

Donnie Darko

Waking Life