I read your article about language and I'm intrigued that you suggest Salvia is a language facilitator, while other methods bypass language. I always found previously with other substances, and equally with any other entry into non-ordinary realms, that language is inadequate and just falls away, and that you experience everything directly without the need for language. But with Salvia my experience was very different, to the point of absurdity.

On my first experience, with fresh leaves, I was trying to do some healing on my diabetes. As I have no idea what the pancreas feels like (or even exactly where it is in the body!), I was reduced more or less to "asking" or "praying" for the condition to be improved.

So I tried to formulate the thought, "improve my diabetes" or something of the sort. Entities that were felt to be present took this to mean make me more diabetic, the opposite of what I meant. I tried to change the words and came up with things like, "make my diabetes better", but this was also taken the wrong way.

Because my mind was so befuddled, every form of words I could think of was capable of this ambiguous interpretation and was in fact misinterpreted. It's easy enough ordinarily to think of an unambiguous form of words but in that state my mind couldn't manage it.

My mind was, however, sharp enough to see that something very strange was going on. Why oh why did I need to put my thought into words at all? These entities, whatever they were, had managed to get into my head and could read my thoughts without my having to say them out loud - but though I didn't have to say them out loud, I DID have to verbalise them internally.

There I was, thinking that I wanted my diabetes healed, having that thought non-verbally without any trouble at all. But these entities could not read that thought until I put it into words for them, and this was such a struggle that I could not find words they'd get the correct meaning from (though I did manage it later on when I was less affected, with good results).

These entities were, of course, parts of my own mind, at least for the occasion, wherever they may have come from. What I'm describing is simply one person's thinking process spun out in Salvia-space.

In my diary afterwards I wrote rather sarcastically "At least I didn't have to translate it into Mazatec for them. They understood English, I'll give them that". Now this was still within a 48 hour period, when if I shut my eyes Salvia returned, and next time I had an eyes-shut thinking session these entities promptly corrected what I'd written about them!

"We don't understand English", they said, "we understand Intent" ( - the word "intent" for me at the present time has overtones of its use in Castaneda). They said that I had had to conceptualise the elements of my thought before they could pick up on it, but the actual words I used when conceptualising were a cloak for the ‘intent’ which I put into each word or concept.

This impressed me for about five minutes, then I came to my senses and thought: but intent is just what they DIDN'T understand! My intent was to say please make my diabetes weaker and me stronger. They took my words literally and so got the meaning wrong precisely because they were totally insensitive to the intent!

If they really understood either English or ‘intent’, they would know that "improve my diabetes" or "make my diabetes better" means make it weaker and not make it stronger. That is the way anyone who understood English idiom and not just an English vocabulary list would interpret my words.

So we have entities who don't understand English idiom, but do know the basics of English vocabulary and syntax, and who claim it's not the English but the ‘intent’ they understand, and yet plainly they understand ‘intent’ even less well than they understand English!

Probably you'll say they were just having a joke with me. But it didn't feel that way

Anyway that's my first experience with Salvia and language!

[a second experience...]