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Friday October 14, 2005
Worksop Guardian


Below is a quote from a recent news article about Cannabis seeds; which has since been read by many with the same question.

This story was covered by the BBC and is very humorous. Was the pensioner telling the truth?

First of all, the story shocked many as the general public are still under the idea that cannabis seeds are illegal. However cannabis seedbanks such as this one are still actually 100% legal in the UK and are operating as normal.

The police found a large 5 foot cannabis plant in the elderly woman's garden in Exmouth. She made a call to Radio Devon for help identifying a strange weed that had grown in her garden at an astonishing speed. Not long after, the police became involved as it turned out to be a marijuana plant. The woman had sent an image of it in via email, unknowingly dobbing herself in!

It turns out, the hemp based bird seed she had been putting outside the garden germinated and grew into a luscious green plant. As with all cannabis seeds, germinating them is illegal. But you are allowed to keep them as collectables. If you browse around online seedbanks you will not just simply find 'marijuana seeds', you will see a huge profile of in depth strains. Many online seedbanks specifically cater for collectors which is why they are allowed to continue operating. Seed collectors want all sorts of genetics for flavour and taste. There are even articles and guides on these websites such as finding heavy yielding seeds like these that would, hypothetically, produce giant buds that weigh heavier than normal.


It turns out the plant was a Hemp strain that would never of grown buds. The lady was asked to dispose of this plant and is not facing any charges. Had the plant been grown on purpose it would of been another matter as growing is illegal without a licence in the UK.


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