This substance has been gaining in notoriety recently and, from the sounds of it, in availability too.  I have received a number of enquiries asking whether I have heard of it, whether I have ever experienced it, whether I have some to sell or do I want some.

Though I haven't had any first hand experiences with Ketamine I do think it's worth making some references to it here on the basis of some of the things that I have heard.

A cautionary tale concerns D.M. Turner, an intrepid pioneer of psychedelic realms and author of The Essential Psychedelic Guide>>, who died after taking Ketamine.  Admittedly this was through drowning in bath of shallow water rather than a toxic reaction to the drug itself, but the use of Ketamine does seem to affect the experient's judgement and it seems as if users can become somewhat compulsive.  

D.M. Turner seemed to recognise this.  The linked article, Foreword to the Essential Psychedelic Guide>>, describes how he came to see Ketamine as a kind of 'Frankenstein' molecule with aspects that made it seem like a kind of 'psychedelic heroin'. 

For further reading also I recommend John C Lilly's>> excellent book 'The Scientist'.

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