I took one small leaf, about 3 inches long, and smoked it in a special high-powered bong I made for the occasion. I did this in a woodland on a sunny morning, sitting in a lounge chair. On the first toke I got a grin and a feeling not unlike the onset of a mushroom high. On the second, I finished the leaf, felt something big coming on. I cleared the smoke from the bong on the third smoke and got hit over the head with the most powerful rush I've ever had. I struggled to get myself prone in the chair, fearing loss of muscle control. Everything looked the same, but it was obviously another, parallel dimension. It was utterly different, unfamiliar, threatening, and I had the sort of feeling one gets when in extreme danger, of heightened awareness of being, of the strangeness of it all, of , "this is really happening to me". I forced myself to relax and observe, and achieved complete muscle relaxation. There were now two of me I plainly sensed: the old me, in the old dimension, sluggish, weighted down, unenergetic, oddly populated with my relationship with my wife; and a new, pure existence in the new dimension - but - the new dimension was unpopulated, I was alone in it and profoundly lonely. I sensed that I could be sucked irrevocably into this new existence where I would be entirely alone, extremely powerful, and capable of anything. It felt like I would be in a realm of sociopathy where I would not recognise anything but myself (rather like the Christian "god" or even Bill Gates!). I felt a love of my old self, a fear of losing its familiar old shoe comfort, a fear of losing my relationship with my wife. The view of this new dimension was not shaded or anesthetized in any way, I was not "high", I was just THERE, in complete reality. This only lasted a couple of minutes. I felt a bit trippy afterwards for about half an hour, then I was back to normal, whatever that is! I was not put off the drug by this experience, but I am a bit wary, and next time I'll chew a quid instead of smoking, to slow down the rush.