~ these include cross-references (links marked >) to answers in more specific Salvia sections

What is Salvia divinorum?
What are its uses?
What are its active constituents?
What are its effects?
Is it addictive?
What is its legal status?

  The above questions are answered in the Introduction to Salvia section

What do I need to start with?>
Will the plants be safe enough in the post?>
How many plants do I need?>
When can I harvest the leaves?>
When can I start taking cuttings?>
What strain are your plants?>
What is Vermiculite?>

  The above questions are answered in the FAQ When Starting section, a set of initial questions in the Plant Care section. 
  Also, see Plant Care section for advice that implicitly answers plant care related questions

Do you sell dried leaf? ~ not for the foreseeable, see links to other suppliers
Do you sell Salvia seeds? ~ no, it propagates from 'cuttings' in the wild
Am I a Salvia hardhead? ~ some tips on getting that first 'breakthrough' experience
How can I make Salvia extracts? ~ if you are sure you want to / need to, search the Internet


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