A Technique of Ecstasy ~ requiring the presence of psychoactive substances

The Figure of the Shaman ~ chapter 1 from 'The Invisible Landscape' by Terence and Dennis McKenna

Sacred Plants ~ chapter excerpt from 'Shamanism - An Introductory Guide to Living in Harmony with Nature' by Nevill Drury

Repression of Shamanistic Traditions ~ excerpt from article on Psychedelic Research by Charles S. Grob M.D.

The Mushrooms of Language> ~ by Henry Munn from: Hallucinogens and Shamanism, Michael J. Harner

Why Can't We Cope with Ecstasy...? ~ from Jonathan Ott's Pharmacotheon 

Carlos Castaneda ~ The Lessons of don Juan ~ excerpts and summaries from parts of some of Castaneda's books